Current Promotion

Buyer Commission Rebate*

$150k and under - 20%      Est: $150k = $720.00*

$150k-$199K - 25%              Est: $199k = $1194.00*

$200k-$299k - 30%              Est: $299k = $2152.80*

 $300k - $449k - 35%           Est: $449K = $3771.60*

 $450k and above - 40%      Est: $500k = $4800.00*

*Est Rebate Example Amounts based on actual purchase price at closing. Exclusions and conditions may apply. Only valid with signed buyer agency agreement before 1st showing. Only valid on residential properties offering buyer agent commission of 2.4%. This chart represents typical rebate amount based on qualifying properties. Commission Rebates are given by check after closing. Rebate may be taxable inquire with a tax professional. Promotions are subject to change with market conditions. Promotion expires June 30th , 2020.